Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten we see. Are you from Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, or the Carolinas? Because we don’t have jokes for those. What we do have are sauces to match the taste of all those regions. They go perfectly with our down home southern comfort food. BBQ is an art form, and we take that very seriously, which says a lot, because we don’t really take anything seriously. We’re all about good fun and great food at Diggers BBQ. That’s why we’ve spent two decades cultivating the perfect recipes that do justice to the tradition of southern BBQ. We’re the experts at traditional, slow-cooked (16-hour hickory smoked, to be exact) BBQ. From our tender and juicy grilled, marinated chicken breast to our St. Louis style ribs, we’ve got the most tantalizingly, mouth-wateringly, delicious BBQ in town. While you’re here, don’t forget to try our fresh coleslaw, southern style potato salad, baked beans, and mac n’ cheese. If you want something sweet, try our banana pudding or homemade peach cobbler. No guarantees, but we’re pretty sure it’ll change your life. Not to brag, but we’re constantly being begged by the higher ups at BBQ competitions to compete, but we don’t because we want to focus on making the best food in the world for all of you. That’s not even a joke. We really do get begged to participate. That’s 100 percent true, just like our food is 100 percent delicious.

Stop in today to try our BBQ for yourself. Carry-out and catering are also available.